Star Wars

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RetroZap is many things, but first and foremost, it places an emphasis on Star Wars coverage and analysis that far outweighs all other franchises–by design. This site started with Star Wars, and it remains at the core of what we do. From editorials, to deep-dive analyses into the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, the Sequel Trilogy, the Star Wars Story film series, animated series, Legends (EU / Expanded Universe), comics, books and publishing, collecting and more–we do it all. Look here for all things Star Wars at RetroZap—it’s among some of the best content we produce, becasue at heart, we are still just passionate fans, just like you, expressing what we love about the galaxy far, far away.

Our writers range from as many diverse backgrounds and generations of the franchise as there are, so RetroZap can be seen as a perfect forum for new ideas and deep insight into the world’s most famous and most recognizeable film franchise.

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