TechnoRetro Dads

Real People of TechnoRetro Dads

While the TechnoRetro Dads’ achievements in preventing various potential dystopian futures have not yet been officially recognized with honors, medals, or awards from any major world governments or even the Nobellion, the folks at Real People have chosen to feature these Royals of Retrospection, these Moguls of Memories, these Rajas of Reminiscing on their show. For a brighter future based on the best of the past today, we present TechnoRetro Dads.

Can you believe it’s been thirty years since we first saw Mario in a raccoon costume? Do you remember the full-length feature film that was actually a commercial for the soon-to-be-released Nintendo Game? Tag along with TechnoRetro Dads as we remember Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Wizard. PLUS: Romantic Scenes from Movies We Love!

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