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Dune: The Sisterhood has the potential to be even bigger than the 2020 film, and we are so excited to be Dune fans right now. This franchise update covers everything from television, to films, to games and even secret projects yet to be announced. Will Dune be at SDCC 2019? Find out on this episode of the Dune Cast!

Chapterhouse: Dune Featured Image Dune Cast

Herbert’s last novel, and a cliffhanger for the ages. But before the dramatic ending to Chapterhouse: Dune, there is so much going on in this novel! Joe and Rod convene the Dune Cast to dig into the first half of the book and wrap our heads around the revelations, mysteries, and truths in the Duneiverse.

Dune Cast Movie Update film Update

Dune Cast Movie Update 01

by Dune Cast

Get hyped! There is a new Dune film being made, and Hollywood’s best and brightest are lining up to bring it to life! Join us for the first update, discussing the cast, crew, release date, filming locations, and more.

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