Brews and Blasters #53: Wolfman, Patches, Newbacca

by Brews and Blasters

New music! New topics! New-bacca? Chris and Joe start riffing on lots of things they can’t remember now…

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New music! New topics! Newbacca? Chris and Joe start riffing on lots of things they can’t remember now, including Episode VIII, Star Wars Rebels, and more. Plus Joe has some revelations, and tells a story that’s a collector’s worst nightmare. What exactly is a vergence, anyway? Is that spelled correctly? Did Luke ever use the dark side of the Force? All this, much more, and a lot of laughs on this week’s Brews and Blasters!

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Brews and Blasters 53, wolfman

About Brews and Blasters

Born from the discussions between two friends at a local pub in the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts, Brews and Blasters is your chance to kick back and enjoy everything about that galaxy far, far away. Your hosts, Chris Salton (founder, The Collectors Hutt) and Joe Tavano (founder and editor in chief,  RetroZap!) sit down every week to do what would be doing anyway–talk about all things Star Wars, tell some stories, and have a good time.

Join Joe and Chris as they share their love for Star Wars, the most obscure Star Wars characters, Boston’s North Shore, 1980s pop culture and delicious food, and occasionally talk to fascinating people–and friends, like an anthropomorphic packet of crystallized lime.

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