Bond Night

Bond Night

You’ve always wanted to watch the Bond films, so do it in style with Bond Night–a step-by-step guide to watching and analyzing these movies with a little fun and a little flair.

Bond Night is a tradition started between Michael O’Connor, a bonafide Bondian, and friends whose exposure to the James Bond film franchise was limited. One film a month is paired with a region-appropriate cuisine and cocktail and spirited discourse about each film’s merits and shortcomings. The goal of this column is to translate that experience here, walking newbies and Bond-experts alike through fifty years of the British super-spy’s cinematic history (from Dr. No through today) and declassifying all the secret intel necessary for you to host your own Bond Night with friends and family.

A View to A Kill Poster

Bond Night: A View to A Kill (1985)

Man your blimp and watch your back as Bond Night returns to examine all angles of Roger Moore's final James Bond film, A View to A Kill.
Battle of the Bonds - Octopussy and Never Say Never Again

Bond Night: Octopussy and Never Say Never Again (1983)

Choose your weapon and pick your side as Bond Night engages in a 007 double feature pitting Roger Moore's Octopussy against Sean Connery's Never Say Never Again in the ultimate Battle of the Bonds!
For Your Eyes Only - sunset

Bond Night: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Crack open the latest Bond Night case file with For Your Eyes Only as we declassify the secret history of Roger Moore's most grounded 007 adventure, the delights of Greek cuisine, and how to craft the perfect Negroni!
Roger Moore tribute

Bond Night Intermission: Moore, Please

Bond Night Intermission pours out a martini for Sir Roger Moore with a tribute to the legendary actor's style, skill and technique.

Bond Night: Moonraker (1979)

Bond Night returns to blast off with Moonraker! Zip up your space suit and join us for double-taking pigeons, Mad Libs style plotting, and Nazis in space. This one is astroNOT to be missed!
The Spy Who Loved Me Poster

Bond Night: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Bond Night is out to prove nobody does it better when it comes to loving 1977's other blockbuster film and its submarine car, steel jawed henchman, and Union Jack parachute.
The Man with the Golden Gun- poster

Bond Night: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Bond Night says Phuket as it duels The Man with the Golden Gun and Thais one on with Count Dooku's third nipple, the return of J.W. Pepper, and the greatest car stunt in film history.
Jw Pepper 2- Americans in James Bond Films

Bond Night Intermission: Ugly Americans in James Bond Films

Bond Night takes a break to showcase Americans in James Bond films and how the franchise satirizes the States.
Live and Let Die

Bond Night: Live and Let Die (1973)

Bond Night yells Live and Let Die to kick off the Roger Moore era with voodoo cults, hungry crocodiles, rubber snakes and racist sheriff J.W. Pepper!
Bond Night: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Bond Night: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Bond Night gambles with Diamonds Are Forever and ends up rich with memories of Jimmy Dean the Sausage Guy, Blofeld in drag, and a faked moon landing!
On Her Majesty's Secret Service poster

Bond Night: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Strap on your skis as we slalom into On Her Majesty's Secret Service with a bellyful of Swiss cuisine and one too many Black Velvets.
bond checkmate bond games

Bond Night Intermission: License to Game

Michael O'Connor takes a break from covering the individual 007 films to talk James Bond games!
You Only Live Twice

Bond Night: You Only Live Twice

Bond Night returns from the depths to explore You Only Live Twice's volcano base, Connery's yellow face, death by tray table, and the proper temperature of saké!
Bond Night: Thunderball

Bond Night: Thunderball

Dive into Thunderball with us as we explore behind-the-scenes drama, jetpacks, soporific underwater scenes and James Bond's first and finest femme fatale!

Bond Night: Goldfinger

The gold standard for Bond films kicks off your 007-themed screening party in style with a golden girl, a weaponized bowler hat, a giant laser and the most daring bank robbery of all time.
From Russia With Love poster

Bond Night: From Russia With Love

Michael O’Connor exposes gypsy catfights, poison-tipped shoes, and the perfect From Russia With Love screening party as it gets declassified this month!
Bond Night #1: Dr. No

Bond Night #1: Dr. No

In the first installment of Bond Night, Michael O'Connor tackles Sean Connery's inaugural turn as 007 in Dr. No.