Beltway Banthas Roundtable: Election 2020 Rebel Alliance Situation Room Roundtable

by Beltway Banthas

Election Day is upon us. ALL WINGS REPORT IN! On this month’s edition of the Beltway Banthas Roundtable, Stephen Kent is joined by Joe Tavano and Gabby Martin to ready for the 2020 election and break down our most recent episode.

David French was on the podcast to explain why “Federalism” might be America’s only salvation as polarization rips the union the asunder, and Stephen likened the stakes of our politics to a Death Star level threat. The panel will discuss this idea more in-depth and challenge it.

***This episode tackles some TOUGH subjects that we recognize may rub some the wrong way. Stick with the conversation and it all gets brought full circle. This democracy thing is tough, but we believe it is made better and more possible by having these kinds of conversations***

Gabby Martin: @GabbyTheESQ

Joe Tavano: @JoeyWanKenobi

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