Beltway Banthas #53: Poe, Holdo, and Gender Politics of The Last Jedi

by Beltway Banthas

Poe Dameron, beloved ace pilot of The Resistance, is he a sexist as some fans have claimed? Or was it simply his frustration under pressure and Vice Admiral Holdo’s secrecy that led him to mutiny in The Last Jedi ? Let’s talk gender politics in The Last Jedi! We welcome back our good friend Kate Sanchez of But Why Tho? The Podcast to discuss!

Stephen, Swara, and Kate also discuss the March For Our Lives in DC this past weekend, Trump’s attack on Amazon and the Austin TX bombings. We conclude with a lively Bantha Fodder segment from Kate and the hosts. Enjoy!

By Kate on the But Why Tho? blogPoe isn’t the Bad Guy 

Beltway Banthas #53: Poe, Holdo, and Gender Politics of The Last Jedi


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Swara Salih is a true believer, in both The Force and the importance of politics. As an activist, writer and aspiring Jedi, Swara came to Beltway Banthas as a listener and is now with the show full time. He’s a Data Analyst working to get city governments to use data better.

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