Beltway Banthas: Empathy is a gift to yourself, Star Wars can help you find it

by Beltway Banthas

“Empathy does not make you a good person. Being able to employ it does not rid you of your own basement of horrors. It is a tool to enhance our thinking, for if we know how other people feel, we have a better chance of understanding their thoughts. Hence why it is best used in service of those you disagree with” – Ayishat A Akanbi.

Today’s show is about empathy, and what Star Wars helps to teach us about this valuable principle. Star Wars tells numerous stories about the power of empathy to change lives, improve people and open up new possibilities for heroes and villains alike. Danielle Adams and Nick DiCo rejoin the show to break it all down with Stephen Kent in this opening salvo of a two-part discussion on empathy in a galaxy far, far away.

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