Beltway Banthas: E.K. Johnston on Padme, Trade Wars and the politics of Naboo

by Beltway Banthas

Star Wars author E.K. Johnston just put out her latest book on Padme, “Queens Peril”. This new canon novel takes a look at Padme’s rise the political power on Naboo and the days leading up to the Droid Invasion of Star Wars: Episode I. E.K and Stephen talk Naboo politics, how real-world principles over trade and immigration impact a galaxy, far, far away and what Padme teaches us about the virtue humility.

Buy “Queens Peril” by E.K. Johnston TODAY and learn more about WHY Naboo ever became a target of the Trade Federation for a trade blockade, the dark history of the Naboo and Gungans & much more.

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Beltway Banthas is a podcast about the intersection of Star Wars and politics. For host Stephen Kent, one of those things is politics. Star Wars draws from our world’s politics just as much as it contributes to it by influencing policymakers, journalists and thought leaders. On this podcast, we seek to understand how Star Wars impacts the world we live in, while also covering the Star Wars news, gossip and hype of the day.

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