Beltway Banthas #73: Barriss Offee, The Clone Wars and binary morality

by Beltway Banthas

During The Clone Wars a young Jedi turned against the war and Jedi Order’s involvement in it. Convinced she had no other way to send a message of disaffection, Barriss Offee bombed the Jedi Temple and framed another Jedi for the act of terror. She was right about the war, and the Jedi, but did something very wrong. This week Danielle Adams, progressive and climate activist, joins the show as guest host to take us into the story of Barriss Offee and why it matters.

We also dive into a few rumors about The Rise of Skywalker and excerpts from Bob Iger’s new memoir detailing tension with George Lucas over the new Star Wars films.

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Politics and Star Wars fuse together on this unique and fascinating show! Beltway Banthas is your place for insightful political commentary featuring the galaxy far, far, away. Beltway Banthas is a Star Wars podcast about the intersection of fandom and the things that drive daily life. For host Stephen Kent, one of those things is politics. Star Wars draws from our world’s politics just as much as it contributes to it by influencing policymakers, journalists and thought leaders.

On the show, you’ll learn about the politics within the Star Wars universe, from Alderaan & Naboo’s monarchies to the function of the Senate on Coruscant. In between episodes we feature interviews with real world change-makers, and talk with them about how Star Wars impacted their lives and view of the world.

Stephen Kent lives in Raleigh, BC with his wife and daughter. He works at a  non-profit that does outreach to print and broadcast media. He enjoys political podcasts, cosplay, and making jokes that only he thinks are funny.

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