Beltway Banthas Episode #29: Star Wars Military (Live from Star Wars Celebration)

by Beltway Banthas

Our good friend John Liang was in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration, where he was part of a panel discussing the military history of the Star Wars universe. He joined Thomas Harper, who led the panel, and Jason Fry to discuss the galaxy’s history of military engagement, background on weapons and armaments, military justice in the Star Wars universe, and more! 

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We’ve also got more Celebration banter! Swara also discusses his trip to Orlando and the highlights from Star Wars Celebration and we dig into The Last Jedi teaser trailer! After the military panel, we dish out our Bantha Fodder and have an impromptu Crackpot or Jackpot!

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Beltway Banthas Episode 29: Star Wars Military (Live from Star Wars Celebration)

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