ARGcast Mini #6: Mutant Football League with Tim Kitzrow

by ARGcast

Boomshakalaka! We welcome the voice of Mutant Football League (as well as NBA Jam and NFL Blitz) Tim Kitzrow along with Michael Mendheim to chat more about the latest arcade football smash hit.

Ready for some razzle dazzle, ARGonauts? We continue our Mutant Football League coverage by welcoming Michael Mendheim back on along with the man who puts the BOOM in the SHAKALAKA Tim Kitzrow! Things get weird fast, so buckle up for this wild ride.


ARGcast Mini #6: Mutant Football League with Tim Kitzrow

ARGcast Mini #6: Mutant Football League with Michael Mendheim and Tim Kitzrow

The drinks pour freely throughout this short discussion with Mutant Football League designer Michael Mendheim and colorful game announcer Tim Kitzrow. We go into the struggles behind making a dream project into a reality, as well as the shocking death of Tim’s partner-in-crime on and off the digital field.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to put guests on the spot, Robert also asks Tim about the recent rumors that he’s working on a brand new NBA Jam game. Could this be a rejuvenation of the arcade sports genre? It’s sure shaping that way!

Be sure to watch out for more football love later this week as we cover the Tecmo Bowl franchise. If you’re a pigskin fan, we got you covered!

Mutant Football League

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