ARGcast Mini #10: Music and Video Games with Tommy Tallarico

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Robert chats with acclaimed video game music composer Tommy Tallarico about his career so far and current Kickstarter project.

Where else do you go after creating music for over 300 video games? Take your show on the road, of course! Robert catches up with acclaimed video game composer and advocate Tommy Tallarico about his career, running Video Games Live, and what he’s promoting now on Kickstarter.


ARGcast Mini #10: Music and Video Games with Tommy Tallarico

ARGcast Mini #10: Music and Video Games with Tommy Tallarico

After the interview, stick around for a bit as David and Robert share their favorite game soundtracks done by Tommy Tallarico. There are quite a few notable ones like Earthworm Jim and Aladdin, as well as some real surprising choices! Can you guess what was the only NES game he created music for? And who knew there was a Skeleton Warriors video game?

Also be sure to back and/or share Tommy’s Kickstarter campaign if you wish to support live performances of video game music. Let’s show everyone out there that game soundtracks are just as legitimate as any other mainstream music!

Tommy Tallarico – Earthworm Jim Anthology

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