ARGcast #95: Blasting Through the Battletoads Franchise

by ARGcast

David and Robert recall the three years when Battletoads was at its peak. Join us for a look back on the likes of Rash, Zitz, Pimple, and of course the sexy, yet dangerous Dark Queen!

Time to hit the Turbo Tunnel, ARGonauts! We are looking back at one of our all time favorite franchises in this episode – Battletoads! We go from the 1991 NES game’s memorable release to the 1994 gorefest that was the arcade game, and beyond with the recent cameo appearances by the slimy trio. Plus David and Robert ponder what a brand new Battletoads game would look like today. We can only hope!


ARGcast #95: Blasting Through the Battletoads Franchise

ARGcast #95: Blasting Through the Battletoads Franchise

Before we start the lovefest, we break down the latest retro gaming news including discovery of a lost Donkey Kong music game for the Famicom! That’s followed by some controversial topics regarding the longstanding Dragster world record, and also Nolan Bushnell’s rescinding of a GDC award.

The Stage of History hits hard this week with the additions of the ultimate teamup Battletoads & Double Dragon, and the “decapithon” that is Battletoads Arcade! Robert keeps the momentum going afterwards with Battletoads in Battlemaniacs in Obscura. You also won’t want to miss out on game code giveaways for Nongunz and Wulverblade. Grab ’em like flies out of the air!

Nintendo’s (First) Lost Donkey Kong Game – The Video Game History Foundation Patreon
Longest-standing video game record declared ‘impossible,’ thrown out after 35 years – Polygon
#NotNolan: why game creators are speaking out against the founder of Atari – The Verge
Game Developers Conference Rescinds Atari Founder’s Award Nom Amid Outcry – Rolling Stone
A Tale of Two Paddles – An Atari Pong TV Show Is In the Works –
I Made Getting Over It’s Bennett Foddy Play The Hardest Level Of Battletoads, Because He Deserved It – Kotaku

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