ARGcast #93: Making Mutant League with Michael Mendheim

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Join us bust some heads with special guest Michael Mendheim as we chat about all things Mutant League, the spiritual successor Mutant Football League, and more!

Are you ready for some football, ARGonauts? We stain the gridiron with blood and guts alongside the mind behind the Mutant League franchise Michael Mendheim! Get a behind the scenes conversation about what went behind the Genesis classics Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey, as well as what would have been with Mutant League Basketball. We even give some love for the animated kids show!


ARGcast #93: Making Mutant League with Michael Mendheim

ARGcast #93: Making Mutant League with Michael Mendheim

Before we get Michael on the show, David and Robert cover a couple of news items. We get into the reveal of a new Game Boy being made by Hyperkin, as well as some great discounts on quality 3DS games you need in your library.

This week’s Stage of History puts us in the pigskin mood with Mutant League Football, and the just as over-the-top title NFL Blitz. Robert keeps the mutant love going in Obscura with his personal favorite Mutant League Hockey. Be sure to also grab hold of not one, but TWO code giveaways for Mutant Football League!

Stay tuned for our next ARGcast Mini as we continue our chat with Michael along with game announcer Tim Kitzrow of NBA Jam and NFL Blitz fame.

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