ARGcast #22: Dreamcast Anniversary and Call of Duty with Trevor Stricker

by ARGcast

Former Sega/Visual Concepts/Smilebit Programmer and Disco Pixel Founder Trevor Stricker joins us to celebrate all things Dreamcast!

In this super-sized episode, we are joined by friend of the show and game programmer extraodinaire Trevor Stricker to discuss the console that started his career – the Sega Dreamcast! Robert also shares some words at Call of Duty XP.

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ARGcast #22: Dreamcast Anniversary and Call of Duty with Trevor Stricker

It’s the 17th anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, so let’s celebrate! Disco Pixel founder and former Dreamcast game programmer Trevor Stricker reminisces about the console that started his career with David and Robert. What were some of our favorite games and memories? How cool was SegaNet back in the day? Be sure to share with us your favorites also!

We take a break in the middle of the show as Robert shares some interviews and discussions with the fine folks at Activision during Call of Duty XP. If you’re a big fan of the popular shooter franchise, you’ll want to listen in to this! Going back to Dreamcast for our final topic, we discuss the trouble Sega is having remastering the first two Shenmue games. Are they valid reasons, or could this be a quick fix? Does it really matter if Coca-Cola machines are in the game?

The Stage of History this week includes some real legendary titles including the industry-saving NES hit Super Mario Bros, the bloody fighting game sequel Mortal Kombat II, and the very inspiration for this show segment Soulcalibur! There are also game giveaways as well as the announcement of winners for the Worms WMD physical copies.

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