ARGcast #208: Pac-Man FEVER w/ Jerry Buckner, Tim Lapetino, Arjan Terpstra

by ARGcast

Musician Jerry Buckner, and gaming book authors Tim Lapetino and Arjan Terpstra join David to celebrate 40 years of Pac-Man history!

Get your pocket full of quarters, ARGonauts! We got “Pac-Man Fever” talking about the 40-year history of Namco’s yellow muncher with world-class musician Jerry Buckner, Art of Atari author Tim Lapetino, and fellow games writer Arjan Terpstra. Join us for conversations about everything Pac-Man including how it captured its audience, creator Toru Iwatani, and even a Dick Clark story!

This week’s news covers the return of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Arcade1Up making big profits during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Mike Tyson fighting for another Punch-Out!! game. The Stage of History welcomes the unconventional platformer Pac-Land. And don’t forget to grab our game code giveaways with two chances to claim the Nintendo Switch title Dig Dog.

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