ARGcast #205: Rumbling in Streets of Rage w/ Tony Polanco, Chris Sealy

by ARGcast

Tony Polanco and Chris Sealy of The Throwdown Show knuckle up with David to celebrate the Streets of Rage franchise, and more retro gaming!

Feel those knuckles burning, ARGonauts? It’s time for our Streets of Rage episode in anticipation of the fourth entry in this beloved beat ’em up series! The Throwdown Show’s Tony Polanco and Chris Sealy join David to call for cop cars, take down Mr. X, and celebrate a staple in the Genesis library.

The news this week gets into a couple of upcoming retro gaming remasters with Crysis and Star Wars Episode 1: Racer. That’s followed by the original Leon Kennedy voice actor passing away, and Seinfeld getting the point-and-click adventure game treatment. The Stage of History completes the trifecta with the inclusion of Streets of Rage 3. Don’t forget to nab the game code giveaway for Pawarumi, and then stay with us for another round of Random Select! Who could David be this time?

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