ARGcast #204: Surviving in Resident Evil 4 w/ Chris Souza

by ARGcast

Chris Souza and Candice Shane come on the show to share their love for Resident Evil 4 as well as talk about the possibility of a remake!

Watch out for parasites, ARGonauts! Chris Souza of Pixel River PR and Candice Shane swing on by to chat about Capcom classic Resident Evil 4. We discuss everything from the transition away from tank controls, whether or not it’s a “zombie game”, the one-liners, and more!

The news this week touches upon rumors of a Resident Evil 4 Remake that’s in the works followed by a hospital using the Umbrella Corporation logo for tracking coronavirus cases. The Stage of History welcomes the limb-slicing, Resident Evil 4 inspired Dead Space, and don’t forget to grab our game code giveaway for The Pit: Infinity. Then stick around for a one-man version of Random Select! Can Chris guess who David is this week?

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