ARGcast #203: The World of Final Fantasy VII w/ Grimecraft, Garnett Lee

by ARGcast

Visit Midgar and beyond with music artist Grimecraft, Garnett Lee of Raw Fury, and Candice Shane talking about all things Final Fantasy VII!

We gotta save the planet, ARGonauts! Join in for a chat about the PlayStation classic Final Fantasy VII, including its beginnings on a Nintendo console, its impact on Western love for RPGs, and reminiscings of Chocobo racing. David’s guests include music artist Grimecraft, Raw Fury’s Garnett Lee, and Candice Shane who all share their love for this beloved title.

The episode kicks off with console news both good (Intellivision Amico) and bad (Atari VCS), followed by some retro love in Streets of Rage 4, and the Pong RPG that’s definitely no April Fools’ joke. The Stage of History puts the spotlight on the broody Vincent Valentine in Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Don’t forget to grab the Nintendo Switch game code giveaway, and stick around for a white knuckle round of Random Select! Who could David be this time?

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