ARGcast #179: Twin-Stick Shooters w/ Will Lewis of Rose City Games

by ARGcast

We grab gaming by the sticks with Will Lewis of Rose City Games talking about twin-stick shooters and his upcoming title in the genre Cat Lady!

You’re surrounded, ARGonauts! Rose City Games founder Will Lewis joins us to chat about his upcoming twin-stick shooter Cat Lady as well as the history of the genre. Get ready hold onto those sticks and never let go!

The news this week starts off with the major announcement that PlayStation 5 is releasing on holiday 2020. That’s followed by the Nintendo PlayStation prototype going on sale, the Atari VCS architect quitting, Bully 2 canceled, and how a teenager got Doom working on a McDonald’s cash register.

This week’s Stage of History has us blasting robots in Robotron: 2084. Then Robert goes over the top with Total Carnage in Obscura. And don’t forget to also grab our game code giveaways for Big Drunk Satanic Massacre and Assault Android Cactus.

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