ARGcast #17: Explaining Games with Ash Paulsen

by ARGcast

Ash Paulsen of UDON and GameXplain joins us to discuss his career so far, Nintendo’s official book backing, and more retro gaming!

You would think an episode with GameXplain’s Ash Paulsen is enough, but we also have interviews with Melissa Hutchison (Clementine from The Walking Dead) and Kane Hodder (Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th) to make this a jam-packed show!

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ARGcast #17: Explaining Games with Ash Paulsen

After kicking off the show in remembrance of late, great gaming journalist Joyce Worley, our main topic has us discuss with Ash Paulsen about his involvement with GameXplain, UDON Entertainment, and whether or not he considered following his dad Rob Paulsen’s footsteps in the world of voiceover. What’s the next gaming art book on his plate? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Along with that, we also have a couple of interviews David recorded at Walker Stalker Con in Boston. Gasp in horror with the voice of Clementine from The Walking Dead, Melissa Hutchison! Tremble in fear over the imposing Kane “Don’t Call Him Hodor” Hodder AKA Friday the 13th‘s Jason Vorhees! The show closes on Nintendo’s recently revealed Play With Power book and their official backing of it. How does it match up against the NES Visual Compendium? Is this a case of apples and oranges? Let us know!

The Stage of History this week has some stellar old school titles joining the fold including Samus Aran’s debut in Metroid, the 25 year old beat em up classic Streets of Rage, and the worm-whippingly good time that is Earthworm Jim! As always, we also have game giveaways with Lovely Planet Arcade and Super Fight (Robert’s last code, so don’t miss it!).

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Ash Paulsen

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