ARGcast #153: Battle Royale Retro Games with Tony and Andre

by ARGcast

Friends of the show Tony Polanco and Andre Tipton crash the ARGcast for a battle royale! Join us as we discuss retro games that could fit the popular genre.

It’s you vs. the world, ARGoanuts! Our buddies Tony Polanco and Andre Tipton come back on to discuss with us the ever popular battle royale genre. Fortnite and Apex Legends have made it popular, but the release of Tetris 99 has us thinking what other retro games could work. Join us for the twists and turns this discussion takes!

This week’s news has us looking at Windjammers 2 and Google dipping their toes in the gaming industry. That’s followed by the discovery of a couple of super rare NES carts, and our take on the Doom Annihilation movie.

The Stage of History has us celebrate NES battle racer R.C. Pro-Am and addictive puzzler Bust-a-Move. Robert pops some pills with Dr. Mario 64 in Obscura. Be sure to nab our game code giveaways for Aperion Cyberstorm and Mutant Football League, then stick around for Random Select! Who could David be this time?

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