ARGcast #145: Cult Classic Games and Studios with Patrick Hickey Jr.

by ARGcast

Acclaimed author Patrick Hickey Jr. joins us to look back on our favorite cult classic video games and the studios that made them.

Let’s get weird, ARGonauts! Patrick Hickey Jr. joins us to celebrate the unsung heroes in gaming. Come along with us as we discuss cult classic games and the amazing studios that made them. Patrick also tells us about his book The Minds Behind The Games that ties it all together.

In this week’s news, Soulja Boy looks like he’s at it again! Only this time he’s ripping off Sony with PlayStation Vita knockoffs. That’s followed by the leaked release date for Metroid Prime 4, Resident Evil 2 Remake going retro, and Dragon’s Lair coming to Nintendo Switch.

The Stage of History covers cult classic favorites Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord and Skies of Arcadia. Robert then turns to the Genesis for Beyond Oasis in Obscura. Be sure to nab our game code giveaways for Party Hard Tycoon and R-Type Dimensions EX. Then stick around for another crazy round of Random Select! Who could Robert be this time?

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