ARGcast #134: Getting Spooky in Silent Hill with Bill Gardner

by ARGcast

Friend of the show Bill Gardner bravely joins us to chat about all things Silent Hill for this special Halloween episode!

Ready to get your spook on, ARGonauts? BioShock alum and Perception developer Bill Gardner joins us to discuss one of his all-time favorite gaming franchises Silent Hill. We get into some pop psychology, the importance of sound, and what we still hope to see from the series.

The top of the show has his hit the news on the official reveal of the Intellivision Amico. That’s followed by the Nintendo theme park starting construction, Dreamcast games possibly coming to Switch, a 16-year-old Tetris champion crowned, and Castlevania Requiem getting the vinyl treatment. Be sure to stick around at the end of the show as we discuss the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak with some surprising new characters joining the brawl!

The Stage of History welcomes survival horror classic Silent Hill 2 and the picturesque Fatal Frame. Robert then gets cerebral with Rule of Rose in Obscura. We also have our game giveaways (including 3 codes for Attack of the Earthlings), and then stick around for a surprising round of Random Select!

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