ARGcast #128: Basketball Retro Games with HipHopGamer

by ARGcast

HipHopGamer comes on so we can all give our take on basketball retro games in history! We got your slams, jams, and basketbrawls covered.

Come on and slam, ARGonauts! We welcome back on the show HipHopGamer to chat about our favorite retro games that are about the sport of basketball. Join us for a debate on simulation vs arcade, talking about the first basketball games we played, and we even read your responses on favorite basketball games and memories.

We hit the news before the court starting off with the reveal of a new Samurai Shodown game (and HipHopGamer’s very real reaction to it). Then there’s the latest on retro consoles Polymega and whatever Intellivision has up their sleeve. And Robert brings up the return of a classic from the Oddworld franchise.

The Stage of History has us “on fire” with basketball classics Double Dribble and NBA Live 97. Robert then gets physical with the NBA Jam precursor Arch Rivals in Obscura. Be sure to stick around for our game code giveaways, then stick around for what is probably the shortest game of Random Select ever!

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