ARGcast #126: PAX West 2018 Preview with Justin Brunelle

by ARGcast

Twitch streamer and friend of the show Justin Brunelle takes a break from beer and horseplay to share what we’re all hyped to play at PAX West 2018!

We go West, ARGonauts! We welcome back Twitch streamer and Seattleite Justin Brunelle to talk about all the games and events we’re excited for during the jam-packed PAX West weekend. There’s plenty to unpack including street fighting, demon slaying, and… goosing? Also, John Madden somehow gets mixed into all this. You’ll just have to listen to find out!

Before we gush about PAX West, we start the news on a somber note with the Jacksonville Madden tournament shooting that rocked the gaming community. That’s followed by the reveal of Streets of Rage 4 and Onimusha: Warlords, then Pokemon becoming the highest grossing media franchise ever. We wind things down with Haunted Halloween ’86 coming to Xbox One followed by a trailer for a Chrono Trigger sequel we don’t deserve. Oh, the heartbreak!

The Stage of History this week welcomes beat ’em up classic Streets of Rage 2 and cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun. Robert then unleashes his symbiote with Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage in Obscura. Don’t forget to grab our game codes, then stick with us for another round of Random Select! Who could Robert be this time?

See you at PAX West!

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