ARGcast #105: Live at PAX East 2018 with Andre and Aaron

by ARGcast

Join us for our massive episode full of discussions about the games we played at PAX East 2018, as well as interviews galore on the show floor.

It’s the massive PAX East 2018 episode! Our buddies Andre and Aaron join us to discuss all the games we saw and played on the show floor, and there were indeed plenty. Find out which games to look forward to that range from a Ninja Gaiden-like action platformer to a dungeon crawling dating sim.


ARGcast #105: Live at PAX East 2018 with Andre and Aaron

ARGcast #105: Live at PAX East 2018 with Andre and Aaron

On top of all the games discussions, we also have SO MANY interviews! David hits the floor to speak with all sorts of prominent figures within the gaming industry. Listen to chats with the likes of Supergiant Games composer Darren Korb, YouTubers Jesse Cox, Matt McMuscles, and Rising Superstar Liam, Suda51, 3D Realms VP Frederik Schreiber, and many more!

There will also be our regularly scheduled podcast this week, so stay tuned for that. We will be celebrating the Mario franchise (finally, eh?) with our good buddies Andre and Nick. Until then, some much needed rest is in order.

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