Are Wii/We Retro yet?

by RetroZap Staff

It doesn’t seem so long ago that Wii consoles were hitting the shelves and families were coming together to play interactive and active games at home. Wii was praised as a new form of gaming, taking on the stereotype that gaming leads to a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. This was particular evident in some of the console’s high-octane games that had you dancing or acting out your rock-star fantasies.

In a somewhat unpopular move, Nintendo discontinued their Wii shop in January 2019. This meant that fans of the Wii were angry at no longer being able to download new games, but they could continue to download the existing games they had purchases. Other Wii users were not so worried about the move and fell back on other social games as well as interactive games on other consoles; and even explored the online casino space, where PartyCasino and other trusted global brands offered cutting edge games.

But That’s Not the Only Change…

Wii may start to vanish from Christmas Day family gatherings and children’s birthdays, but it is not the only aspect of gaming to go missing. It has been claimed that the Guitar Hero franchise has died, which is true in that Activision have ceased to produce these games.

The news to stop the Guitar Hero games was due to lacking sales, a suggested decline in the music genre of gaming and to redirect efforts into other forms of social gaming and online gaming. However, some others have predicted that the likes of Guitar Hero and other games that have been halted will make a reappearance in the future, using other formats and technology.

Where Is Gaming Heading?

Gaming is at an exciting stage, despite what the most dedicated Wii gamers and Guitar Hero enthusiasts may be feeling at the moment. The gaming industry is growing and becoming more successful, and it is doing so because it is evolving.

Gaming is changing in different ways. Casino gamers are experiencing more lifelike experiences with live dealers; social gaming is surging, and AI and AR are slowly seeping into the industry.

So, Can We Suggest Wii Games and Guitar Hero as Retro?

The world is changing faster than ever and it would take a fool to argue otherwise. If gaming does delve into new areas and areas where technology enhance experiences to the extreme, there is a chance that we could suggest consoles like the Wii and games like Guitar Hero as already retro.

When we think of retro games you may think of fruit machines, Sonic the Hedgehog or even Crash Bandicoot. Guitar Hero may still be considered a modern gaming creation but if gaming does continue to develop and progress and lightning speed, we may have to consider these games to be retro before their time.

What Do You Think?

Do you think we can already class yesteryear’s games as retro? Maybe you disagree now but once we are only gaming with AR headsets, you may change your mind.

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