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A podcast that explores every episode of the classic show Animaniacs!

Whether you’re revisiting the classic show or experiencing it for the first time, let brothers Joey and Nathan Letson and their friend Kelly be your guide to the zany show Animaniacs! Join your hosts as they revisit each episode in the order in which they were released. They’ll discuss their favorite moments, jokes, characters as well as their memories of first watching the episode. The show’s pop cultural references are also discussed and explored in detail. (You might just learn some interesting facts!) In the end, each episode receives a “Water Tower Rating” from the hosts.

Plus, you’ll also hear from the original creatives who worked on Animaniacs, like series creator Tom Ruegger and more, who share their memories and insights from creating the show and what they think of the episodes today. And, we’ll also dig into other Animaniacs franchise materials like the comic book series, that continues the fun on the pulp page.

Cue up an episode of Animaniacs on Netflix or on DVD and then listen to the podcast to keep the fun going!




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