Animanicast #28: “Moby or Not Moby,” “Mesozoic Mindy,” “The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly”

by The Animanicast

It’s time once again for the Animanicast! Here’s episode twenty-eight with “Moby or Not Moby,” “Mesozoic Mindy,” “The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly” and more!

Join Joey, Nathan, and Kelly for the twenty-sixth episode of the “Animanicast!” A podcast dedicated to the classic 90’s cartoon show Animaniacs! Today episode 28 of Animaniacs  is discussed with segments: “Moby or Not Moby,” “Mesozoic Mindy,” “The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly”

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Animaniacs S01E28 “Moby or Not Moby,” “Mesozoic Mindy,” “The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly”

Each and every week, your hosts revisit an episode of Animaniacs in the order in which they first premiered. They discuss their favorite jokes, gags, and all the cultural references they can find! In the end, each episode is given a “Water Tower Rating.” How many water towers will this episode get? This 28th episode first shows us why killing whales is stupid, then what would happen if Mindy and Buttons were in the Stone Age, and finally, we get to see Chicken Boo become a sheriff! Plus, we get to see a bunch of great “Good Idea, Bad Idea” segments!

“Good Idea, Bad Idea”

  • To start things off, four different Good Idea, Bad Idea segments are reviewed. Nathan, Kelly, and Joey share their thoughts about the segments and then discuss which one of the four was their favorite.

“Moby or Not Moby”

  • In the first cartoon, the Warners visit Captain Ahab and try to convince him that killing whales is stupid. In the end, Ahab is swallowed by Moby Dick and he joins Pinocchio in the belly of the whale.
  • Since the Warners believe at first that they’re on The Love Boat, Kelly and Joey share some of their limited memories of the television show.
  • Joey, Nathan, and Kelly discuss the basic plot of Star Trek IV. The plot might have something to do with taking humpback whales back to the future in a DeLorean.
  • Joey and Nathan try to give a fake fact about the Titanic, but Kelly quickly corrects them and shares some real facts about the Titanic instead.

“Mesozoic Mindy”

  • In the second cartoon, Mindy and Buttons are back again, except this time they’re in the Mesozoic Era with dinosaurs! Buttons protect Mindy from various prehistoric terrors and once again ends up getting in trouble with her parents.
  • The hosts discuss this cartoon and it’s connections to Fantasia and how it reminded them of other dinosaur related films and cartoons.

“The Good, The Boo, and the Ugly”

  • Finally, Chicken Boo is back! This time as a sheriff in a Spaghetti Western! Chicken Boo is able to fool a few of the townspeople, but after a showdown in the street, it is quickly revealed that he’s a giant chicken!
  •  Kelly shares some of the references to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” are discussed as well as the works of composer Ennio Morricone.

Water Tower Rating and Poll Results

  • Kelly, Nathan, and Joey share their rating of today’s episode. They then give their thoughts on last week’s poll.
  • Finally, the new poll is shared for this week: “Who is the best antagonist of the Animaniacs? Round 2!”  Head over to or search for #animanicastpoll to vote!

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The Animanicast is a podcast dedicated to the classic animated television series Animaniacs. Join your hosts Joey, Nathan and Kelly as they revisit each episode in the order in which they were released. They’ll discuss their favorite moments, jokes, characters as well as their memories of first watching the episode. Pop cultural references are also discussed in detail. (You might just learn some cool facts!) In the end, each episode receives a “Water Tower Rating” from the hosts. Cue up an episode of Animaniacs on Netflix or on DVD and then listen to the Animanicast to keep the fun going!

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