Animanicast 208: Review of Animaniacs Reboot Episode Thirteen!

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast with another Animaniacs reboot discussion!

The Animanicast finishes their season one reboot episode reviews with a discussion of the thirteenth episode! Dr. Scratchansniff needs some soda, Pinky and the Brain go on a road trip against their will and Dot sorta sings about the first ladies! How many water towers will this episode get?

Hindenberg Cola

Dr. S. is sick and needs the Warners to find some special German soda for his belly. The trio run into a foe from a previous episode but are still able to bring the soda back to the doctor. Unfortunately Dr. Scratchansniff is not the old Dr. S. from the original series.

Roadent Trip

The Brain has designed a “Model B” car to trap everyone inside their vehicles. Unfortunately Pinky and the Brain get trapped inside it instead and are taken on a hazardous road trip across the United States. Brain also reveals a sad and dark origin story before they are able to escape. Also, there’s a song about a banana hammock.

FLOTUS, FLOTUS: What Do You Know About Us?

Dot attempts to sing about all the first ladies in just two minutes. Unfortunately the song misses one and the hosts of the Animanicast don’t appreciate it’s lack of focus and how it really should not be used in education.

Patreon Exclusives for the Week

This week the Animanicast has a commentary track for the ninth episode of Animaniacs with Tom Ruegger! The episode features “Wally Llama” and “Where Rodents Dare.” In this week’s bonus audio, the hosts talk about other podcasts they love to listen to. It’s all at!

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