Animanicast 206: Review of Animaniacs Reboot Episode Eleven!

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast with another Animaniacs reboot discussion!

The Animanicast continues their reboot episode reviews with a discussion of the eleventh episode! Yakko, Wakko and Dot run into a spooky clown on Halloween and Pinky and the Brain try to take over a village!  How many water towers will this episode get?


A family is terrorized by ghostly Warners!

Fear and Laughter in Burbank

The Warners are going Trick or Treating and run into Nickelwise who wants to feast on their fears. He separates the Warners in order to scare them but the Warners soon team up and scare Nickelwise instead!

Bride of Pinky

In this Frankenstein parody, the Brain creates a monster that falls in love with Pinky. The two are set to get married but an angry mob of villagers and a new handsome monster brings the romance to an end.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Some “things” bump into each other in the night.

Patreon Exclusives for the Week

This week the Animanicast has a commentary track for the seventh episode of Animaniacs with Tom Ruegger! Plus, in this week’s bonus audio, you’ll hear the hosts do a bonus “We Have a Very… Important Question to Ask You.” It’s all at!

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