Animanicast 201: Review of Animaniacs Reboot Episode Seven!

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast with another Animaniacs reboot discussion!

The Animanicast gets back to their reboot episode reviews with a discussion of the seventh episode! This episode features “Warner She Wrote,” “France France Revolution,” and “Gift Rapper.” With a new take on Agatha Christie mysteries, parodying the French Revolution and rapping about Shakespeare, this episode could be great! But do the hosts of the Animanicast like it? Listen to today’s episode to find out!

Warner She Wrote

Hercule Yakko returns with his detective siblings to unravel the case of a dog napping on the Occident Express! Will the Warners crack the case? Will this cartoon be as funny as “Hercule Yakko” in the original Animaniacs series?

France France Revolution

The Warners are living as peasants and are starving in the French countryside. When Marie-Antoinette passes by however they’re inspired to pose as peasants and eat all of her delicious food! But will the execution of this cartoon be as entertaining as it promises?

Gift Rapper

The Warners crash the set of a rap video. Unfortunately the rapper shows some disrespect towards William Shakespeare and the Animaniacs series so it’s up to Yakko to defend their honor with rap!

Patreon Exclusives for the Week

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