Animanicast 198: Episode 5 of the Animaniacs Reboot

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast! Discussing the fifth episode of the reboot!

Joey, Nathan and Kelly continue their discussion and review of the Animaniacs reboot. This time they talk about the fifth episode which features the segments: “Good Warner Hunting,” “No Brainer” and “Ralph Cam.” Listen to hear about all the references you may have missed and find out what the hosts of the Animanicast liked about this episode and what they really, really didn’t like about it.

Good Warner Hunting

The Warners are being hunted by a Dr. Walter Grubb who takes Animaniacs collecting very seriously. He wants to add the Warners to his collection but the Warners are able to not only consistently evade him but make fun of his small feet as well. However what starts off as a fun tribute to classic Warner Bros cartoons of the past quickly turns into a dark explanation of what happened to the supporting cast of Animaniacs. It’s an episode that brings up a lot of mixed feelings and the hosts of the Animanicast share what they liked and which things they have big issues with.

No Brainer

Brain gets into an accident after being chased by the Yakuza. When he awakes from a brief coma, he realizes that he can’t remember his latest plan to take over the world. What follows is a plan that involves Edward Snowden, the NSA and a houseplant!

Ralph Cam

From a security camera we see what happens when Ralph falls asleep and the Warners face off against a vampire.

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