Animanicast 195: Reviewing Episode 2 of the Animaniacs Reboot

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast! Discussing the second episode of the reboot!

Joey, Nathan and Kelly continue their discussion and review of the Animaniacs reboot. This time they talk about the segments: “Warners Unbound,” “How to Brain Your Dragon” and “Suffragette City.” The segments featured in this episode lean more towards timeless themes, but will the hosts of the Animanicast cast their votes of approval or will this episode be cast down to Hades? Listen to find out!

Animaniacs News

It was a bad news week for the Animaniacs reboot. First there was a controversy involving Johnny Depp and then the Brain gave a number to an adult chat line. The hosts run down the embarrassing news headlines and offer some explanation as to what the writers would be thinking about when it comes to Johnny Depp.

Warners Unbound

The Warners are playing the part of Greek gods as they try to get back at Odysseus for splashing them with water. The trio can’t seem to stop him until an orange cyclops (that looks and sounds like Trump) grabs Odysseus and treats him like a loofah. It’s an amusing segment, but Joey thinks that it could have been a lot better if some roles were reversed.

How to Brain Your Dragon

Pinky and the Brain decide to train a dragon to do their bidding. Unfortunately the dragon is an aspiring actor. Will the Brain be able to successfully take over a kingdom, or will its bad acting get in the way?

Suffragette City

Dot sings a song about the women’s suffrage movement but then quickly starts singing about cartoon suffrage. It’s a song that starts off promising and then quickly becomes a cartoon cameo fest. Find out what the hosts of the Animanicast think about this promising song that quickly ended up becoming a disappointment.

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