Animanicast 192: Freakazoid on TTG and a First Look at the Animaniacs Reboot

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast! Discussing Freakazoid on TTG and the Animaniacs Reboot!

Freakazoid had an apperance on Teen Titans Go! Joey, Nathan and Kelly do a quick review of the episode and talk about all of the references that they saw. Then the hosts discuss their initial thoughts after seeing five episodes of the new Animaniacs Reboot! What works? What doesn’t? Will fans like the show? Find out what they think on today’s episode!

Freakazoid on Teen Titans Go “Huggbees”

The Teen Titans are on a mission to stop “The Brain” from teaming up with the Lobe! In order to do it they unleash Freakazoid along with announcer Joe Leahy! Even Cosgrove (voiced by Ed Asner) returns to talk to Freakazoid all about different donuts. What’s the plot? It’s not important! What is important is comedy in this love letter to Freakazoid!

Animaniacs Reboot Talk

The hosts of the Animanicast were fortunate enough to see five episodes of the upcoming series. Without giving plot points away, the hosts talk about some of the aspects of the show they like and some of the things they don’t. Overall they think that the show is good, although the episodes they saw didn’t showcase much “timeless” content and might have provided too much commentary on current social events. While the hosts got used to the new designs of the Warners and animation style, the character designs of the humans can sometimes be distracting. One thing they all love is the music by Steve and Julie Bernstein (who by the way will be on our next episode!) In the end, the hosts worry that the internet is about to explode with positive and negative reactions to the show and ask that everyone is simply respectful of different opinions.

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