Animanicast 184: Talking with Rob Paulsen and Randy Rogel on Animaniacs in Concert and the Reboot

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast! Talking with Rob Paulsen and Randy Rogel!

It’s another special “behind the water tower” episode of the Animanicast! Today your Joey and Nathan welcome Yakko himself, Rob Paulsen and the man responsible for some of Animaniacs’ best songs, Randy Rogel! Listen to Randy and Rob as they talk about Animaniacs in Concert and the new looped live event that they have coming up. They also talk about working on the upcoming Animaniacs reboot which is set to premiere on Hulu on November 20th! Finally, Rob “vents his spleen” about some of the fan anxiety that has been surrounding the upcoming reboot. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!

Animaniacs in Concert- Looped Live!

Randy and Rob talk about Animaniacs in Concert and how their popular performance came to be. Their upcoming Looped Live event will be on August 15th! Make sure to get your tickets at today and snag some of the meet and greet tickets while they are still available!

Animaniacs Reboot Talk

Randy and Rob have both been working on the upcoming Animaniacs Reboot! Listen as they share all they can without the Warner Bros lawyers knocking on their doors!

Rob “Vents His Spleen”

Rob Paulsen has a message to tell fans who are feeling anxious or angry over the Animaniacs reboot. Rob explains firmly why the decisions made thus far are examples of show “business” and reminds everyone about previous reboots that people were initially hesitant about (Ninja Turtles for example.) He also goes on to say that those behind the scenes know that they have high standards to meet and they respect the fans’ love of the show. They’re fans too!

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