Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #616: Hiatus 15-Thor: The Dark World

by Agents of Shield: Case Files

Return to Asgard in “Thor: The Dark World” and see our hero battle the Dark Elf Malekith and secure the Aether, while working on his relationship with Jane. We continue our analysis of the MCU on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

In “Thor: The Dark World” the heir to the throne of Asgard learns that the coming Convergence begins opening up portals between the Nine Realms. One of these portals appears in London where Jane Foster accidentally falls through and is infected by the Aether, a weapon hidden by Odin’s father years ago so the Dark Elf Malekith could not possess it. Jane’s contact with the mysterious substance reawakens Malekith, who now makes his way to Asgard where Thor has taken Jane. Despite Odin’s objections, they try to protect Jane. But when Frigga is killed by the Dark Elf, Thor breaks his brother Loki out of jail and they both escape with Jane. But their plan to save Jane only partly works as they get the Aether out of her, only to be acquired by the bad guy, who also seems to kill Loki. Malekith makes his way to Earth to unleash the substance in the center of the Convergence. Now Thor has to battle them all before the Dark Elves return to power and maybe figure out what to do with the mysterious Aether. Jay and Josh practice their Asgardian pronunciations on the next hiatus special of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

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Agents of SHIELD: Case Files
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Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #616: Hiatus 15-Thor: The Dark World

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