Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #607: Toldja

We “Toldja” that Sarge had everything under control even after SHIELD locked him and his team up. Plus, Fitz and Simmons want to escape Kitson at the same height they arrived on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

Don’t be mad that Sarge “Toldja” he wasn’t going to be locked up for long.

Once May brings in the last of the mysterious team, Mack is pretty confident that he can take control of the situation and get the Coulson look-alike to cooperate with him. But Sarge doesn’t seem swayed by Mack’s leadership. Snowflake is her calm, perky self and Jaco just lays around and coughs. Plus, everyone at SHIELD tries to come to terms with having a guy that looks like their old boss in custody. Out in space Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch appear back on Kitson after their hasty escape from the Chronicoms. But they are still wanted and it doesn’t take long for Kitson himself to grab them and put their heads on the chopping block…literally. Luckily for them, the mysterious Izel shows up to buy their freedom in exchange for becoming a part of her crew, plus passage to Earth. They may want to delay that though, because it seems that the Shrike (despite being caught by May and Yo-Yo) are becoming a big threat. The only way out seems to make a deal for Sarge’s freedom. And just like that, we have a new leader that looks like the old leader. Jay and Josh hope the guy laying next to them has slippery hands or they may be a lot shorter on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

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Agents of SHIELD: Case Files
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Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #607: Toldja

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