Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #514: The Devil Complex

by Agents of Shield: Case Files

Fitz explores “The Devil Complex” while trying to close the rift, while General Hale reveals a few tricks up her sleeve on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

Do you know someone with “The Devil Complex”?

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #514: The Devil Complex


While plotting her next move, Coulson takes a team and captures General Hale’s entire car and interrogates her to find out exactly why SHIELD is being hunted so relentlessly. But she brought a surprise with her as Carl Creel proves to our heroes that they may not be in as much control as they thought. Plus, that fear rift is still leaking out nasty stuff. A dangerous astronaut from Jemma’s time on Maveth appears and scares everyone. Then Fitz sees his greatest fear; his Doctor persona from the Framework. The Doctor vows to do what Leopold won’t. When he gets away from Fitz, cameras go dark, Mack gets shot, and Daisy gets captured. With Quake incapacitated, the Doctor can remove the inhibitor and get her to close the rift. But when Simmons comes to save the day, she discovers that the Doctor isn’t an apparition from the rift at all, but her husband instead. Coulson agrees to go with General Hale to discover what’s really going on, and is reunited with the LMD version of the Russian Anton Ivanov, who is even more displeased with Coulson than he was before. Jay and Josh enjoy hobnobs, maltesers, and other British junk food on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files
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