Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #506: Fun & Games

by Agents of Shield: Case Files

Join the team for some “Fun and Games” as Fitz tries to rescue his teammates before Kasius sells them to the highest bidder on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

It’s all “Fun and Games” until someone gets their friends sold into slavery.

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #506: Fun & Games


Fitz is hoping to be the savior as he poses as a vicious marauder in hopes to get a chance to bid on Daisy when Kasius demonstrates her powers. Plus, the good guys need to protect a young Lighthouse resident named Flint, who has just been forced to go through Terrigenesis so Kasius can sell more Inhumans too. As Fitz waits for his opportunity to strike, he tries to make contact with everyone and is forced to watch May and Daisy fight for their life in the arena. Coulson and the others try to protect their new friend Flint, a young Inhuman that Kasius harvested to sell. But they get caught by Grill and it looks like it’s over for them until Flint’s powers emerge. Now everyone’s cover is blown and they’re on the run again. Jay and Josh struggle to survive in a society with no tacos on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files
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