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What is this site all about? Glad you asked.

RetroZap is an Alliance.

RetroZap is a community of writers, podcasters, photographers, and creators that believe in friendship, independence, and excellence in everything we do. Separately, our endeavors would be fragmented but united we share a common voice in an increasingly crowded world of geek/pop-culture. RetroZap is a safe space for content creators to publish creator-owned work and a place for site visitors to find unique opinions, ideas and entertainment.

RetroZap is a Resistance.

Forget the link bait, listicles and blog fodder; RetroZap is a website that is outside of the echo chamber. We don’t aim to be the number one pop culture site; we aim to be the best one, and we seek to deliver on that promise with high-quality articles and shows that may be different from the other sites out there. We’re not afraid to be different; in fact, we want to be.

RetroZap is Innovating.

This is a place to experiment. Greatness isn’t just plucked out of the aether; it takes hard work and the daring to be bold enough to try new things. RetroZappers have passion and drive, and this is a platform to enable that. Explore the output from these talented individuals–you never know where it may take you!

RetroZap is Evolving.

This site started as the outlet for one guy who wanted to test himself. He wanted to see if he could write on a regular schedule. He didn’t expect anyone to read it, let alone millions. As time went by, RetroZap has gone on to support friends and other creators, and then to be a home to unite great people who are creating great things. What it is today may not be the same as it will be a year from now. Just like you, we’re growing and changing to be the best we can be!


Thanks for visiting our site. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it.

-Joe Tavano, Editor in Chief


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