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RetroZap is a website, podcast network and fan community focused on Star Wars and the pop culture that surrounds it. We empower creatives and spotlight passionate fans who approach Star Wars from a positive, thoughtful, and analytical perspective.

Since our inception in 2014, we have generated millions of page views and a proud reputation as a positive Force in fandom for all people. Our worldwide staff of more than 30 women and men of all ages are all deeply invested in making RetroZap a place to discover, learn, share and grow from the experience of geek content, pop culture, Star Wars, and narrative art.

Unlike traditional websites, RetroZap is a federation of creatives, all of whom believe in the strength of supporting one another in a positive community to further each other’s efforts. All work is creator-owned, with RetroZap acting as the primary publisher. This has allowed the strength of the site to flourish, and for global re-publishing opportunities from some of the world’s largest outlets.

The RetroZap Podcast Network follows suit, with numerous creator-owned podcasts spanning the entirety of pop culture, all uniting under one banner in the name of collaboration, participation and a unified listenership that has proven successful year after year. They all come together under the network feed, which not only brings all of the site’s talent together, but also features exclusive shows, highlights and other content that can’t be found anywhere else.

In addition to our daily podcasts, articles and columns that discuss various happenings and retrospectives in the worlds of art, books, comics, collecting, film, games, television, music, and events—across numerous franchises, universes and properties, we also foster a growing community on Discord that is open to all and carefully moderated to wipe out hateful language and behavior.

Presently, RetroZap is not a for-profit site, and very much a labor of love for all involved. The site does engage in limited advertising campaigns and other revenue-generating activity for the purposes of covering operating costs and investment into site growth and development.

Joseph Tavano is the owner and editor in chief of RetroZap, and oversees the guiding direction and daily publishing of all RetroZap content.

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