TechnoRetro Dads: A Totally Total Recall of Summer Toys and Ah-nuld!

by TechnoRetro Dads

A Totally Total Recall of Summer Toys and Ah-nuld!

Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger in video games, and fun summer toys.

Jovial Jay and JediShua are ready for the summer. No matter what it looks like this year.

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We Love Our Cereal…

Are you ready for marshmallows in your Frosted Flakes? Of course you are! Marshmallows make every cereal better! How about a Caramel Apple….Jack? How has it taken them so long to think of this one? And we have some very sad news about Shua’s beloved breakfast spot, The Cereal Box, Inc.

Let’s All Go to the Movies – Total Recall

In 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger was on top of his game! So he tackled a sci-fi cinematic experience known as Total Recall. Arnold plays Doug Quaid, a construction worker that keeps dreaming of Mars. So he goes to the memory implantation clinic known as Rekall. But he may possibly be a real life spy. This leads him to Mars and a secret that keeps you guessing.

TechnoRetro Arcade: Arnold Video Games

With all the action movies Schwarzenegger has made, you gotta figure he’d appear in some video games too. And he has! We take a look at some of the memorable ones and what the man himself thinks of them. 

A Totally Total Recall of Summer Toys and Ah-nuld!

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